The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer


A minha review do livro “The Deep-Sky Imaging Primer” na Amazon:

I’ve allready read quite a few astrophotography books (both deep sky and planetary) and this one is, perhaps, the best I’ve encountered. It’s not full of redundant information like formulaes that you could find in other books or web sites. Instead, it presents that same info in a very clear and understandable way. Only now, after reading the chapters about chip sizes and image scale, I really understand how pixel size and seeing afect my imaging. I had read about the subject lots of times in the past, but now it’s quite clear.
The first half of the book is about the fundamental topics like noise, ccd technology and capturing, and the final section is about processing. In these last 100 pages there’s A LOT of meat to chew: color models, calibration and the entire post-processing workflow (histogram corrections, sharpening, smoothing, levels, stretching…). It’s the kind of stuff that you’ll be able to understand just by reading leisurely, but you’ll want to keep this book close to your workstation and use it as reference.

Minor quibble: I dislike the page format and size. You have to use both hands while handling it and thats just not right for this kind of book. I’ve allready used it while imaging and its impractical. The book just doesn’t sit still on a table, near your desktop computer, when you’re making the most ou of its clear and concise tips and info.

This may sound a bit too much to the sceptic and experienced astrophotographer, but I would really recomend this book to all levels of amateurs doing AP. It has the basics presented in a way that won’t leave you with doubts, it goes into advanced techniques and, besides a couple of pages dedicated to cameras, it’s not destined to obsolescence any time soon.